What is Biomas

BIOMAS is the development of an integrated, online system for the real time management and auctioning of the biomass products and services. BIOMAS will connect biomass stakeholders helping them to publish their biomass offers, identify best matches and establish agreements between them.

The BIOMAS system will also combine multiple offers delivered from different biomass stakeholders to better match an increased biomass demand while it will facilitate cooperation between different stakeholders to provide advanced services.

Our Team

Maria Ntokou

Project Coordinator and Innovation Manager

Stelios Gargas MSc

Technical Manager and Senior ICT Developer

Christos Stefanis PhD

Research Manager

Maria Partalidou PhD

Market Manager

Eleni Kamateri MSc

Project Manager

Athanasios Eppas MSc

Web and Mobile Developer/Analyst

Orestis Zafeiris

Research Assistant

Dimitris Vikas


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